Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Info H1N1..Prevention Better Than Cure..

Assalammualaikum wbt..Disebabkan negara sekarang dilanda wabak ni dgn serius, jadi byk info cuba dicari berkaitan topik ini..Baru dapat info ni berkaitan pencegahan H1N1..emm maybe baik juga kita baca n ambil pedoman..Sebahagian catatan dari Dr Palani, thanks doc..

"The following should prove useful as well:

* Boys should avoid dry masturbation (Girls almost never do, and therefore, I have not mentioned). (Seual urnions are certainly harmless for both genders).

* Keeping awake late-nights is not very good. Likewise, over-working (far too much of working until your body is totally exhausted) is not good. Starving without eating food is not good for this disease. Strenuous exercises are not good, as it would make the body acidic.

* Avoid consuming ACID foods, fruits and drinks. Examples of this: buah kundang, rambai, macang, mango, duku langsat, rambutan (a few ok), mangosteen (very few, ok), durian (not too much), green belimbing used for cooking (sweet buah belimbing, ok), strongly sourish Durian Belanda (sour sop) (sweet sour-sop, ok), sour plums, Roselle drink, Assam Jawa drink (using Assam Jawa for cooking, ok), (oranges, pomelo and lemons are ok, since they contain plenty of potassium), sour pineapple (a little of sweet pineapple, ok), China-imported tit-bits that taste sour: e.g., sourkana, sour orange skin, sour lemon skin, sour ginger, sour-tasting Bayam (pulicha keerai, in Tamil), etc., Generally rice and rice-based foods are good. All those bottled drinks that may contain citric acid (or any other acid or preservatives) should be avoided. Foods cooked 2 or 3 days ago (i.e., old food), if not sterilised properly) should not be eaten as well. This is especially true if the curry contains dhor dhall, kacang hijau (green gram), kacang tanah (groundnut), etc. Must avoid eating chocolates, ALL forms of nuts including groundnuts, pistachio, almond, etc. should not be eaten in large quantities / frequently (A few added to foods can be eaten).

* Better to eat: dragon fruit, sweet apples, honey melon, water melon, pears, bananas, cucumber, onions, pumpkin, grey 'pumpkin' (Poosanikkai, in Tamil), loofa (Peerkangai in Tamil), Drinking coconut water (and its meat) on alternate days (during day time and not by night) is good. Coconut water can be taken daily if one is travelling around, or is enggaged in strenuous physical work.

* The fruits of Sea Coconut (Borassus flaberllifers) is EXCELLENT if a person has already contracted the disease. It will give immediate cure. Now, it is available in supermarkets in canned forms: they call it Sea Coconut, imported from Thailand or Singapore : white syrup or gula Melaka preparation: both are OK. (Uninfected people can also eat this for prevention: dosage: just 2 or 3 pieces only in the mornings on alternate days, until the hot season changes.

* If infected, one should bathe 3 or 4 times a day in cool tap water. (Hot water is bad).

* Once infected, the person should eat RICE and rice-based foods, and should avoid high protein diet, chicken, soybean (all kinds), oily foods, Wheat items are not good. Powdered milk, papaya and other acid fruits mentioned above should be avoided altogether.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the above should NOT be continued forever. Do all the above only for a month or so, until the HOT season changes. After that, should eat ALL things in moderation."

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani.

Dr.V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.,
(Pioneering Founder of "Ecological Healing System"),
Chief Consultant
Neo Health Care
30-A, Jalan Ara SD 7/3-A,
Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
H/P: (6) 012-207 14 14
Tel Resid: (6-03) 627 222 84

P/S: Pencegahan adalah jalan yang terbaik, tp kita sebagai hamba Allah mampu berserah setelah usaha dan doa kita lakukan..Sama2 panjatkan doa moga kita semua dilindungi Allah dari jangkitan penyakit yang serius..


Lady of Leisure said...

adoi nak mandi dengan cool water yg tak tahan tu..
rasa sejuk sampai ke tulang..
(lady tak tahan sejuk)

Irma Rizal said...

hehe lady..
tu la pasal..
tp x sejuk sgt ok kot..
janji bukan shower heater tu.
sbb cuaca dah memang panas kan..
bdn panas lg la cepat membiak virus tu..
mudah2an x berlarutan wabak ni..amiin..

ainharul said...

mmg mencegah lagi bgs kan tp masih ramai lagi yg tak sedar akan hal nasihat, ramai yg pandang serong..